Lotus Notes and Domino Services


If you want to maximize your IT dollar, you can’t beat Lotus Notes and Domino. The Lotus product line...

  1. Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Take your pick.

  2. Has the most proven track record in the business -- almost 20 years!

  3. Supports Fortune 500 companies, yet can be priced for a 5-person business.

  4. Has a lower total cost of ownership than any competing product.

  5. Includes e-mail, calendar, task management, and collaboration tools.

  6. Is the right choice for your business.

I’ve been working with Lotus products for over 10 years and am an IBM Certified Application Programmer. I’m also a recognized Lotus Notes and Domino technical expert, with several journal articles to my credit.

To maximize your Lotus Notes and Domino investment, I offer these services:

  1. Application architecture, design, and performance audit

  2. Application renewal - design, architecture, and usability enhancement

  3. Administrative services

  4. Custom application development training and courseware development

  5. Client-to-web application conversion

  6. Upgrades to DHTML and AJAX technologies

  7. RDBMS integration and database consolidation

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Premier Consulting and Customer Service

Today’s businesses need applications and systems that support flexibility, rapid ROI, high reliability, cross-platform compatibility, and industrial-strength encryption.

Only Lotus Notes and Domino offers all that, in pricing packages for businesses from 5 to 5000 employees or more.

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